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Culpe o Juninho Nogueira | 23.10.10 , 0 Comentários

Did U [You] know the
 Ishihara Color Test? 

If you don´t know the Ishihira test, probably you shouldn´t know the  Dr. Shinobu Ishihara. 
As you - for sure - noticed [Percebeu], the name of this test came from the name of the Dr. And... what does it means [O que isso significa?]... 
No, it doesn´t means that the Dr. is a big fan of this test. The Dr. is just the designer of the test.

Then, What the hell is this test for?

It´s simple. Basicly, it´s a test for red-green color deficiencies [Deficiência das cores Vermelho e Verde]

The test is done using cards with colorful balls/dots in. At the center of the cards there are balls/dots which form a number. If you can´t see the number at the card - or if you see other number instead of [ao invés de] the card´s number - Baby, you have a red-green color deficiency.      

Tell me if you can see the number 2 over there >>

Tell me if you can see the number 46 over there >>

But, make sure you don´t have color deficiency before writing a magazine >>

Ok..Ok... The second one was a joke [brincadeira]. Don´t Panic!

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