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π Pii π [Post In Inglês]

Culpe o Juninho Nogueira | 3.10.10 1 Comentários

This is the first Pii post of the Blog. Uhul! 
If you still don´t understand what the hell this is, I tell you: This is just a post created for a boy who's trying to learn english.

Well, actually [Na verdade] this kind of post [Tipo de post] is directed for those who are learning english, or just wanna practice.

So, he we go! 

Today, is the election day [Dia de Eleição]. And a day to celebrate the end of  weird [Estranho/Esquisito] people, crying for a vote on TV and saying that "it can´t get any worse" [Pior que tá não fica..]


And, Now I´m at home. 
It should be normal, because I still don´t vote, but, it isn´t.
When I was a child, I used to love voting . Really! My parents always took me with them. 
And I, of course, put all the numbers that I could, just for me to see the faces on the machine ;D

If you´ve never done this before, ok, you can throw a stone.

Today my mommy went out for voting alone, but, look, if I was with her, make sure: I would like to see just one face... XD

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  1. Tô Ligado On 03 outubro, 2010 21:50

    Ow... 2 turno eh foda hein???


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